Services at Christ Church Malvern

COVID-19 Update

National lockdown: Stay at Home

4 January 2021

We feel that the sensible thing to do at present is to close Christ Church until things improve so we all stay as safe as we can, stay home, not go out or mix or make unnecessary journeys. We will let you know when our services will be resuming.

We hope that you feel you would like to visit our Church and feel “at home” when you do so. Our approach to worship is relaxed and informal, even though we follow the standard Church Of England liturgy. We are what you see! Newcomers always remark on the friendly atmosphere which is the prevailing feeling as they enter the building and the welcome they receive. Our members are important to us and are our Church family. We try and help each other and take care of each other, rejoicing in times of joy and supporting each other in  times of trouble. You can simply come  and worship with us  but we feel you will soon be caught up in  the warmth of our fellowship.